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Take your boxing technique to the next level! While boosting your energy & gaining focus.


Stickboxing helps improve brain activation , defense & your punching technique! Perfect for any age, male or female & those with disabilities!

The Stickboxing System uses a pair of 20” padded sticks as an extension of the arm to develop superior boxing muscle memory for the elbows and the hand positioning.

Our Boxing Sticks are available for purchase along with a complementary first 30 Days access to our online training portal.

LIMITED TIME $149 $69.99


“Stickboxing has improved my boxing technique more than I ever imagined. It is the only tool I have used that is not only to improve my striking and muscle memory but a dual function as a pad for connection drills. The possibilities are endless. Stickboxing is fun and has improved my boxing skills in ways that I never imagined! It has also been an amazing tool working with those with Parkinson’s in Rock Steady Boxing.”


“Before Stickboxing i tried a couple of programs locally, and nothing really helped my boxing game. Signing up to Stickboxing by Tim Lane helped my technique tremendously!  Stickboxing has helped the snap of my strikes and love the sound it makes”


"The boxing sticks have helped improve my fighting position." Whether it was by helping me lose weight or providing me with the fundamentals of boxing, Tim Lane’s Stickboxing Course has unquestionably changed my life for the better!


"Stickboxing is fun and it makes me feel good.. I have been training for a month now and they have taught me so much already."


"Stickboxing has helped my kickboxing combos flow and improved my defense.. I recommend this program to my friends and family! "


Our jam packed online training program helps increase your energy , activate the body and stimulate the mind to a positive state of flow.

(2) Boxing Sticks & 30 Day Complimentary Access to Online Training!

LIMITED TIME $149 $69.99