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On-Demand Video

Supercharge Your Home Workout with Tim Lane's ``Bring The Pain`` video training series. Available now on-demand.

Revolutionize your home workout with Tim “Bring the Pain” Lane’s On-Demand Instructional Video Series! Activate your body and stimulate your mind anytime, anywhere with this new learning platform.


Get ready to achieve a heightened state of flow with Tim’s groundbreaking formula of martial arts, fitness training, and positive vibes.


Don’t worry about doing it on your own – Tim has developed an easy-to-follow format where you can track your progress step by step. Feel your best by setting and achieving new goals! Sign up today and learn to:

Boost your brain function

Value your health and wellness

Develop an optimistic state of mind

Enhance your daily routine

Build your confidence

Enjoy working out

Feel good!

Mindset/Daily Routine

What you Think and how you Feel Attracts what you get in your life. Learn to change your Mindset!


Footwork is key to move our bodies and throw our weapons. Learn how to keep it simple but effective.


Learn and understand techniques using arm and legs for Offense and Defense.


A system of individual training exercises for martial arts practitioners that can be practiced alone or in unison. A detailed choreography of movement.

Tim has created a never-before-seen form of martial art

Now available in video format. He started teaching this much-anticipated discipline in 2016, and you get front-row seats to these amazing techniques when you subscribe to Tim Lane's ``Bring the Pain`` on-demand instructional video series.

Tim Lane’s "Bring the Pain" Training is a Proprietary Martial Art that is the creation of over 40 years of study, and is a balanced fusion of:

  • Physical
  • Mental
  • Emotional
  • Katas
  • Kickboxing
  • Self Defense
  • Weapons

This step-by-step virtual video training platform will help you build a strong foundation for movement, positioning, and Mind-Body connection.

If you want to Achieve a Champion mindset, then Tim Lane’s "Bring the Pain" training videos are for you. It’s especially effective for people who:

  • Want to Exceed their limits
  • Want to transform their Daily Routine for the better
  • Are self-conscious
  • Are Veterans and trapped in Flight or Fight mode
  • Are struggling with Parkinson’s disease
  • Are frustrated with Aggression issues
  • Want to feel at Peace with life