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Group Fitness

Energize Your Fitness Training with Tim Lane’s Group Classes

Experience a fun start to a healthier lifestyle with Tim’s Cardio Boxing Classes! Switch up your home workout by joining our Group Fitness Classes. Feel free to come on your own, or bring along your friends to double the fun!

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Switch Up Fitness with
Energizing Group Classes

Join our heart-pumping Cardio Boxing Classes led by none other than World Kickboxing Champion, Tim Lane! You don’t need any experience to join our group fitness classes – Tim’s expert yet friendly approach will make it easy for anyone to jump right in and feel at home.

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30.0 - and Above Obese
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Take charge of your health

If you’ve never done Cardio Boxing or Kickboxing before, you’re in for many fantastic benefits such as:
Fat Burning

Boxing or Kickboxing is a high impact cardio activity that burns more calories than other types of cardiovascular exercises. A typical boxing session can burn up to 1000 calories in one hour. Walking burns 243 calories, jogging 398 calories and running burns 544 calories. Cardio Boxing or Kickboxing will help you lose weight fast and reach your fitness goals quicker.

Cardiovascular fitness

One of the best forms of exercise is Cardio Boxing and Kickboxing. It conditions the total body and provides a complete workout for the cardiovascular and endurance systems. Cardio Boxing and Kickboxing is an aerobic exercise, meaning it gets your heart pumping.

Enhanced muscle tone

Boxing and Kickboxing quickly helps you tone your entire body, build strong muscles and strengthen your core. Cardio Boxing and Kickboxing is a high intensity workout that requires speed and coordination. Your abs, upper and lower body have to work together to throw punches and kicks. This creates toned muscles fast.

Muscular endurance

When punching or kicking a bag or focus pads, your muscles are forced to contract for an extended period of time. This creates endurance over time and increases as your muscular strength and power increases. Boxing and Kickboxing improves your resting heart rate as well. Combined with increased stamina, you will gain an edge in your other activities as well.

Improved strength and power

Your entire body is required to participate when striking. This makes Boxing and Kickboxing a very effective form of cardio and strength training when resistance is used.

Improved Muscle Tone

Cardio Boxing or Kickboxing is a full body workout that involves every muscle in your body, especially the core and shoulders. Punching or kicking against resistance, such as with a punching bag, causes all of the muscles in the body to contract with more force and speed. This develops muscle tone and builds a strong core.

Stronger ligaments and bones

Heavy bags and focus pads provide resistance against punching and kicking. This resistance pushes your joints, tendons, bones and ligaments to get stronger in response to your activity.

Better core stability

Every muscle in the abdominal region is engaged when throwing punches abd kicks. Boxing and Kickboxing movements tighten and strengthen core stabilizing muscles, creating a more stable mid section.

Stress and pain relief

Hitting a bag helps to relieve muscle tension that results from stress. During this process, the brain increases the production of endorphins, which create feel-good thoughts. So yes, Boxing and Kickboxing is excellent for stress and pain relief.

Better body awareness and coordination

Every muscle in your body is used when Boxing and Kickboxing. This increases your awareness and coordination. This physical activity requires you to be aware of your body’s position and movements. Over time, this awareness increases as your skill and performance increases. Your reflexes will become better and your hand-eye coordination will drastically improve.

Feel Awesome with Tim Lane’s Group Fitness Classes

World Champion Tim Lane believes that fitness training goes beyond the physical. He calls it a “Heightened State of Flow” which can only happen when you simultaneously stimulate the mind and activate the body.

Add group Cardio Boxing or Kickboxing to your workout regime to:

Build your confidence

Boxing and Kickboxing can help to make you feel more powerful mentally in addition to the improvement in physical strength. This fighting spirit empowers you to deal with the ups and downs of life.

Elevate your brain function

A lot of focus and memorization is required in Boxing and Kickboxing. This includes remembering the rules and sequences when putting together combinations. Your brain ends up getting just as much of a workout as your shoulders or core.

Work out aggression

Striking a punching bag creates a reaction within your body that helps to release built up tension. Boxing or Kickboxing is a safe way to release tension and aggression without hurting yourself or others.

Manage your flight or fight response

Boxing and Kickboxing helps you to stay calm and focused when under stress. This helps you to take control in a stressful environment, helping to prevent the fight or flight response to either a real threat or a perceived one.

Learn to Love
Your Workout Today


Sign up for Tim Lane’s Group Cardio Boxing or Kickboxing Classes, and make fitness training more fun than ever! Enjoy the mind and body benefits of working out with a group. Learn new skills you can apply to your daily routine, and say hello to a happier, stronger, and more confident version of you. Join Tim Lane Fitness group classes today!