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Dream. Believe. Achieve with Tim “Bring the Pain” Lane!

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Tim Lane: Expert on Fitness Training, Nutrition & Health and Wellness

Tim “Bring the Pain” Lane is a world-renowned kickboxing champion who went on to become a sought-after kickboxing coach to mixed martial art athletes and professional boxers. He now leads Tim Lane Fitness as a sought-after instructor for home workout, personal training, nutrition plans, and other fitness services for men, women and children.

40+ Years Of Experience

In 1978, Tim started competing in Martial Arts. His early years of training did not come easy – to be the first one inside the doors of gym he trained at, Tim spent many sleepless nights behind the facility looking for shelter.

All of it paid off when the up-and-coming fighter started winning titles. In 2001, Tim won his first international title. In 2002, Tim achieved his life long Dream and won the World USKBA title. Tim retired from competition in 2006.

Tim Lane’s passion didn’t stop with his retirement.

Tim now lives in Las Vegas and trains at Xtreme Couture MMA, where he founded Tim Lane Fitness. He now helps countless children and adults develop their love for martial arts, fitness & health and wellness.

Not content with being an in-demand trainer, Tim Lane also invented a martial art of his own from 40 years of studying the craft. Tim’s brand-new practice is unlike any the world has ever seen, and combines techniques from katas, boxing, defense, and weapons.

To widen the impact of his innovation, Tim Lane Fitness now offers on-demand video instructional series on top of personal training, group fitness classes, nutrition advice, and more.

Feel Good!

Tim Lane’s ultimate goal is guiding others to feel good through fitness training, martial arts, nutrition, and cultivating a positive state of mind.

Activating the Body Stimulates the Mind to a Heightened State of Flow – contact Tim Lane Fitness today and start transforming your life!